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Justin Klentner is the classic self-made man, the son of a European immigrant who disembarked in the U.S. during World War II and worked at a stable, later becoming an equine trainer. In Michigan, Justin learned to ride at two years old and was always close to horses. At 18, he gave up showing professionally and went to Central Michigan University for a business degree.


But the entertainment industry bekoned and after graduating, Justin moved to NYC to pursue a career as an actor. He was successful in landing commercials and his career moved to modeling where he landed the coveted Giorgio Armani Red launch campaign. 

Moving away from modeling Justin began flipping houses and found he had a knack and interest in the business of building. Soon he was building homes and employing dozens of workers. Now, as CEO of Western Built Construction, Justin has added commercial real estate to a long resume, and he splits his time between Los Angeles and his home in Santa Barbara where he enjoys playing polo with his kids.

He has ventured back into acting with an eye on a web-series project under development with FilmMcQueen

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