After the Season One slaughter at Hallowed Spirits Ranch, one or more killers remains on the loose, unbeknownst to a gathering of women at Ranch Wellness.  A private spa in the mountains along the coast of California, the retreat is an exclusive gathering place where a select group of women (and their GBFs) gather to ostensibly reclaim their relationship with Mother Earth and their own vaginas, but most of the guests are more interested in catty comments, cocktails by the pool and the cute staff in attendance. The new arrivals enjoy a beautiful first day in the sun. But a storm is coming and things turn dark when a guest drowns. The police are called to investigate what everyone assumes is an accident, but quickly the bodies begin to pile up. Wellness is about to get sick.



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“our gang o’ goofs have more in their closets than a sh*t-ton of Jimmy Choos… and it’s this bit of business that gives ol’ CB a tad more than yer normal stalk n’ slash picture”

Daniel XIII– Famous Monsters