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Karl E LANDLER is a French actor who started is carrier as a model and stuntman for many Luc Besson films and abroad. His action abilities got him to be the face in global campaigns like the Parfum Shiseido, Ubisoft , and the French Army - which won the international award “Top Prize” (the Oscar  equivalent for a commercial).

At the same time, Karl pursued his desire to act and started to work in guest starring roles on a series of cops show playing the villain, mostly on the  main French network, TF1, which attracted the largest  French audiences.

He met Jean Marc Barr ("The  Big Blue") who gave him his first role in a feature film ("One to Another")  which released in the US and led to another collaboration a few year later. 

Karl's presence on TV has been  growing and became a staple name when he landed the part of Bruno in the longest french TV show. The popular family comedy has run for 26 years and is still on the air.

With a solid resume behind him Karl moved to the United States where he landed the role of Louis in the digital series “Crazy Bitches” playing a colorful womanizing bartende  and you ll see him this Christmas as the lead in the American rom-com, “Christmas in Paris” alongside Becky Dalton & Daphne Zuniga. Stay tuned.



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