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Eddie Daniels has appeared in over 40 films, plays, videos and TV shows. She is an actress, the lead singer of the The Nouveaux Riches and Maxitit, and a professional photographer at The Little Room Studio. Eddie got her start as a featured dancer on the hit show CLUB MTV (1985) with Downtown Julie Brown.

Daniels first garnered international attention with her turn as Jersey Girl in Abel Ferrara's BAD LIEUTENANT with Harvey Keitel. Over the next few years, she won further critical support and many all pro reviews for her role as Marty in Matthew Harrison'S RHYTHM THIEF and as Dove in CENTRAL STANDARD TIME for which she was nominated Best New Actress at Slamdance by Film Threat Magazine. RHYTHM THIEF (1994) went on to win the Grand Jury Prize for Best Director at Sundance.

In addition to her own bands, Eddie appeared in music videos for Madonna, George Michael and countless others directed by Marcus Nispel. She starred in the music video for the Spin Doctors' "You Let Your Heart Go Too Fast" directed by Rich Murray and has also appeared as a singer and musician at Paladino's Rock Club.

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