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Prior to auditioning for CRAZY BITCHES digital series, Sohvi had no acting credits to her name. She had been discovered by a manager who recognized a depth in her character that he thought would translate to screen and he wasn't wrong. After booking CBW, but before she even shot her role, Sohvi had landed a recurring on TNT's ANIMAL KINGDOM playing Mia. A tough, unpredictable young woman raised in a gang. Her work impressed the producers who kept building on her character. After heavily recurring in the third season, Sohvi is now a series regular in the upcoming fourth season of the critically praised drama series.


Before Sohvi took to acting, she was active in the commercial real estate business. She has been part of the food service industry for the past 20 years and is a partial owner of her parents’ restaurant. She worked as a restaurant manager for five years, having lived and worked in Camden, Kensington, Notting Hill, and Central London.

While still at high school, she volunteered at the El Centro Regional Medical Center and remains an active member of her community.

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