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​Jen Corday is known as a singer/songwriter who has toured and performed at numerous notable venues, festivals and events, including Dinah Shore in Palm Springs, Womenfest in Key West, and L.A. Womenfest at the John Ford Amphitheatre (currently airing on LOGO). Corday is owner of Envy Records and founder of Venus Envy and Girl Rock, which are organizations designed to promote women in music.


Corday also produces GIRL ROCK, a monthly vlog on featuring live music, candid interviews and reality-style behind-the-scenes footage. She also writes for Curve Magazine.


Other professional experiences include producing and scoring music to Andrea Meyerson's LAUGHING MATTERS MORE, released by All Out Films, all Andrea's latest stand-up films,'s ONE NIGHT STAND-UP and's ONE NIGHT STAND-UP.


Jen is music supervisor for three FilmMcQueen productions, CRAZY BITCHES, METH HEAD and ELENA UNDONE. She also worked as music supervisor for  the webseries WE HAVE TO STOP NOW and assembled all the music for ALONG CAME LOLA, both  out on Wolfe Releasing.


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