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BUCK ANGEL - "David"

Buck Angel is an adult film producer, entrepreneur, activist and trans man whose work as an educator fights to sexualize the trans body and break down stigma surrounding the spectrum of trans male identity. He initially made a name for himself in the world of adult entertainment, pushing the industry to rethink their relationship with transgender actors and create visibility for trans and gender non-conforming men.


Over the last several years, Buck has turned his focus towards educating the public about human sexuality by touring America as a speaker and sitting down with male-identified trans and gender non-conforming people in his ongoing project “Conversations with Transmen: Talking Sex/identity/transition.”  on Amazon Prime. The documentary series provides a platform for trans and gender non-conforming men to have a candid discussion about the role sex and sexuality plays, or has played, in their ongoing transition. Buck has also created the world's first line of Trans male sexual wellness products to help deal with genital dysphoria.


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